Spille Builders has “Gone Green”

This home was built using environmentally friendly and energy saving techniques, resulting in both a GREEN and highly Energy Efficient home.

Below are some of the ENERGY STAR and Green Build Kentucky items in this home. ENERGY STAR Thermal Bypass items: 

  • Dual fuel HVAC system, gas furnace/electric heat pump.
  • Overall alignment of insulation throughout home
  • Garage band joist air barrier
  • Attic eave baffles
  • Slab edge insulation
  • Sealed walls behind shower and fireplace
  • Sealed attic knee walls                                                                                            
  • Insulated attic slopes and walls
  • Staircase walls
  • Blown-in wall insulation (low to no air infiltration)
  • Fully sealed opening (blocking and/or caulk/foam)
  • Sealed ducts and pipes, where they penetrate to unconditioned space
  • All attic penetrations sealed 
  • Attic access panel in unheated garage space
  • Air-tight recessed lighting fixture housings

Green Build Kentucky items:

  • Avoid environmentally sensitive areas
  • Established a knowledgeable team
  • Advanced framing techniques 
  • Building materials that required no additional finish
  • Roof framing package
  • Covered front door entry
  • Perimeter drain for all basement footings
  • Gutter and downspout systems to divert water five feet out 
  • Diverted surface water from all sides of home
  • Provided a water-resistant barrier
  • Employed proper flashing details
  • Facilitated the sorting and reuse of scrap building materials
  • 2 recycled-content building materials were used
  • 2 materials manufactured from renewable resources were used
  • Locally available indigenous materials used in the home
  • Sealed ducts, plenums and equipment
  • Air return ducts in every room 
  • Low and/or no VOC indoor paints used 
  • Energy star appliances
  • Water-efficient faucets                     
  • Direct vent equipment
  • Induced/mechanical draft combustion equipment
  • Direct-vent sealed-combustion fireplace
  • Tightly-sealed door between the garage and living area
  • Masked HVAC outlets during construction
  • Passive radon mitigation system in place
  • Moisture-resistant backer boards
  • Vapor retarder directly under the basement slap (6mil)
  • Protected unused moisture-sensitive materials from water damage
  • No plumbing supply lines in exterior walls
  • Provide a manual to owners  

Spille Builders & Developers, Inc…..

Your Green Build KY builder and Energy Star partner!

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