These are some Frequently Asked Questions we have compiled to help clear up any common questions you may have.

1. Do you work with Realtors?
Spille Builders has a tradition of cooperation with the Realtor community. We welcome all Realtors to our communities and look forward to working with them. We value our relationship with Realtors and appreciate their loyalty to us. We protect all Realtors in accordance with the HBA/Board of Realtors Cooperative Sales Guidelines and compensate Realtors in accordance with Realtor compensation policy.

2. Can I customize my house?
Our floor plans are designed to be easily tailored to the individual needs of your family. Depending on your personal requests in a home, we can help you select from the many pre-designed custom home plans or create a new design

3. Can I purchase one of your floor plans and have someone build it?
Our floor plans are the result of the hard work of everyone at Spille Builders. We have developed and perfected our plans by carefully understanding and fulfilling the needs of our homeowners. We take great pride in the quality and originality of our homes, as do our homeowners. To protect the investment that both we and our homeowners make in these plans we do not sell our plans. Our plans are protected by copyright, prohibiting other builders from using our designs. 

4. Do you purchase land?
Yes. Spille Builders offers customers new homes in the best locations throughout Northern Kentucky. If you are a landowner or realtor who is interested in selling property, please contact us. Please be sure to include a short description of the land and your telephone number.

5. Can you help me find a lot?
Yes. If one of our wonderful neighborhoods is not right for you, we will work with you to find you a home site in the community of your choice.

6. Do you build offsite?
Yes. The Spille Builders offsite program provides you the opportunity to enjoy one of our customized designs where you want it. We've built on various sites from a quarter acre to hundreds of acres. In town where we've removed an existing home and re-built in the same location to a more rural setting land clearing, long drives, cistern and private sanitary system. We'd be glad to come out and look at your location to offer suggestions on what can be accomplished.

7. What is the warranty on Spille Builders Homes?
Spille Builders homes are constructed in accordance with our strict quality control guidelines. All of our homes are warranted for one year with a limited homebuilder's warranty as outlined by the Home Builders Association.

8. What if I have a house to sell?
That's a common question because a lot of people who build with us have homes to sell so we're experienced and equipped to help. Ask us about our specific contingency programs.